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Thread Contributor: adminHow to create a unique key using php
Hello friends every web application or android app has user registration function we provide username and password for user verification with this verification we can easily add a simple unique token.
Today i am teaching you to how to create a unique token using php 

create following files

PHP Code:
   function crypto_rand_secure
    $range $max $min;
    if ($range 1) return $min// not so random...
    $log ceil(log($range2));
    $bytes = (int) ($log 8) + 1// length in bytes
    $bits = (int) $log 1// length in bits
    $filter = (int) (<< $bits) - 1// set all lower bits to 1
    do {
        $rnd hexdec(bin2hex(openssl_random_pseudo_bytes($bytes)));
        $rnd $rnd $filter// discard irrelevant bits
    } while ($rnd $range);
    return $min $rnd;

    $token "";
    $codeAlphabet.= "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";
    $codeAlphabet.= "0123456789";
    $max strlen($codeAlphabet); // edited

    for ($i=0$i $length$i++) {
        $token .= $codeAlphabet[crypto_rand_secure(0$max-1)];

    return $token;


in which file do you want to create token add following code
PHP Code:
include "token.php";


Note:If you want to create 15digit token key just replace 20 in getToken with your 15

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