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Thread Contributor: adminPart 2- AngularJS Installation

Part 1-Introduction of AngularJS

For creating AngularJS program you first need text-editor to write down the angular js code 
you can use one of the following text editor  

Popular Text Editor

1.Brackets Here
2.Notepad ++ Here
3.Sublime Text Editor Here
4.Or any on you prefrence

Here I am using windows 10 os and  Smile sublime text editor Smile  to write down the AngularJS code

After Choosing the text-editor now download the AngularJs file from AngularJS official website

-Visit AngularJS Here.
-Click on Download AngularJS.
-Now in Build click on Uncompressed  and download angular.min.js file to your local system.
-Create a folder name as AngularJs and put that downloaded file inside it.
-Now create a simple html file and add reference of angularJS file inside that html file as follow.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Angular Js Installation</title>
<script src="js/angular.min.js"></script>
<p>Hello Angular Bro</p>


Now finally we installed angularJs and referenced angularJS.min.js file in html

Part 1-Introduction of AngularJS

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