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Github Integration In Android Studio - Ravishankar Chavare - 02-02-2018

Hello Friends today i am here sharing you how to integrate GitHub in android studio for version controlling

Lesson 1
 Setup (NEW) GitHub in Android Studio

Lesson 2 
Import & Push (NEW)
In this Video

-create new project in android studio and how to push it to
-learn how to import an Android Studio Project to GitHub and push code changes to GitHub

Lesson 2.1 Pull & Clone (NEW)
-we will learn how to pull down a project from GitHub to Android Studio and how to pull down changes from another developer.

Lesson 3.0 

Create, Delete, and Switch Branches
-learn how create, delete, and switch branches in Android Studio.

Lesson 3.1 
Simple Merging

-how merge two branches in Android Studio.

Lesson 3.2
Complex Merging

- learn how merge three branches in Android Studio, and deal with a merge conflict.

Lesson 4.0 
Pull Request
-learn how create a pull request.

Lesson 4.1 
Pull Requests | Approve and Request Changes

-how to approve and request changes on a pull request.

Lesson 4.2 
Good Code Review Practices

-We look at code review practices.

5.0 – 
GitHub & Project Administration | Projects
-use the 'Projects' tab on GitHub.

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